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Scarlett is still healing from her heartbreak of being rejected after she told the man she loved, Alessandro, that she was pregnant with his child. It’s been four years, and now Alessandro is back in Scarlett’s life. He hires her to design a new hotel for him, but in doing so he also wants to have an affair with her. Scarlett wants nothing more than to have him acknowledge their son, but Alessandro denies the child is his and accuses Scarlett of being nothing but a gold digger. After doing a DNA test, he finally learns the truth. Alessandro wants to do the right thing and marry Scarlett, but she doesn’t want a loveless marriage. Even so, she goes along with it in fear of being blackmailed and having her son taken away. Not only that, but she still can’t help but love Alessandro even after all he’s put her through.

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February 2017






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