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A heart warming Christmas romance. They were both deceived and hurt by the ones they loved and spent many years being alone. I'm glad to see that they finally found each other and enjoyed the Christmas as a family.

A NANNY FOR CHRISTMAS UPDATE : December 25th, 2020

One day Phoebe escorts Tara, a girl she met in the café where she works, home. But when she sees Tara’s father, Phoebe gasps. Her nightmare from six years ago is revived… That long-ago Christmas night, Phoebe had gotten drunk at a party. Her aware... See More

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All the heroine wants is freedom, freedom to marry the man she loves, freedom to choose her own life. I'm happy for this brave girl when she finaly breaks free from the control of her mother and begins to take control of her life.


Rosie can’t risk telling him who she really is.Hawk, a famous movie star, was surprised and angered to see a redheaded beauty suddenly show up at his house. His manager, Donald, was sick in bed with the flu, so this beautiful woman, Rosie, is taki... See More

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The hero seems to be an emotionless workholic, but he is also a responsible and loving father, which makes him attactive and lovable.

IN THE BANKER'S BED UPDATE : November 13th, 2020

The famous and calculating young banker Elliot Jay has a fourteen-year-old daughter! Physical therapist Melissa discovers the bachelor’s love child when he asks her to help his daughter. At first she refuses because of his arrogant attitude, yet h... See More

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The characters in this comic are very adorable. The heroine is kind and strong, the hero is a little clumsy but is also very cute.

Three for a Wedding UPDATE : October 16th, 2020

He has such a wonderful smile. I want to see it again…When her engaged sister begs Phoebe to take her new job at a hospital in Holland, Phoebe agrees to impersonate her. Her boss, Lucius—a renowned doctor and supposed workaholic—immediately sees t... See More

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No matter how rich and successful he is , he always felt lonely and never opened his heart to anyone unitl she came into his life. Although she is just an ordinary girl , she is his angel and the lover of his dream.


Cami was ecstatic to be chosen as an event coordinator but failed miserably her first day on the job. Duke, a very handsome man, casually comes to her aid, and it turns out he’s going to be her partner on this assignment. He’s silent and curt, but... See More

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She is a plain girl who is not of noble origin and is not that attractive, but she has a good heart that can warm and comfort people. I think that's why the prinice fell in love with her.


Maggie has been invited to become the nanny to the prince’s children. And, while she has spent her first few days getting used to her new surroundings, she has yet to meet her new employer, who is out of the country on business. One night, while s... See More

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Both hero and heroine are very sexually attractive. A passionate, hot romance for adults !

NATURALLY NAUGHTY UPDATE : September 18th, 2020

It’s the perfect opportunity for revenge…  Because of the infamous reputations of her mother and aunt, Kate was treated horribly throughout her youth by the locals in her hometown. She leaves in order to make a successful life for herself, only re... See More

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She used to live in a pretentious world in which she has to act as someone else to gain attention. He is the one who makes her feel secure in the real world. She is not afraid to play any roles as long as he is by her side.

WHO WILL SHE WED? UPDATE : September 4th, 2020

Thanks to Colleen, Nick’s carefree escape is suddenly much more complicated.Veterinarian Nick, who lost his beloved wife in July, becomes depressed as summer approaches, so his twin brother, Neal, the star of a popular TV show, proposes that they ... See More

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In this seemlingly plain woman, there is such a strong passion and talent.No one has realized that, only him.


Having spent her life so far as a wallflower, Bree feels that she will live the rest of her life alone. Her father encourages her to go to a party, which she reluctantly attends. There, she is introduced to Gavin Spencer, a handsome and ambitious ... See More

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The hero is like a ray of sunshine who can warm people's heart.I like when he shows his cute crying face at the thought of losing his wife,from which I can sense how much he treasures her.


Hurt by the sudden change in her husband, the young wife escapes into the night…When mining magnate Scott walks into his lawyers’ office, he immediately falls for Sarah and vows to put a ring on her finger as soon as possible. They get married jus... See More

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A typical Love at First Sight story with a perfect hero.He is handsome, passionate, straightforword, also sexy and seductive. No woman can reject man like him.

The Seduction Bid UPDATE : August 14th, 2020

I won't let him get away with this, that horrible man! After reading an article that slanders her best friend Sarah, Carrie bursts into an independent newspaper publishing corporation to complain. There she finds a man with gray eyes so handsome, ... See More

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The hero seems to be curel and selfish, but the reason behind is that he is vulnerable and always afraid to be abandoned by the one he loves. Fortunately,he met the one who can truely understand him.


Flustered by his devilish charm, she’s losing her self-control… Two years after their terrible goodbye, Billie’s heart still hasn’t fully healed. But ex-lover Gio shows up out of the blue, as charming as ever, wanting her back. Billie has a big se... See More

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This is a steamy hot romance story which can fulfill girl's fantasy about one night lover.

A MAN FOR THE NIGHT UPDATE : July 24th, 2020

He’s so dreamy, Josie wishes he were really her lover…Josie’s still a virgin and she’s reluctant to go to her school reunion because she knows her spiteful classmate will laugh at her if she goes alone. A friend suggests Josie hire an escort for t... See More

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No one is perfect. Accept and love yourself and then you will be loved and will be able to love.It's not a shame to show your weakness and insecurity in a relationship.Honesty and Communication are what keep a relationship work.

THE SECRET WIFE (Playing by the Greek's Rules Series) UPDATE : July 11th, 2020

A story by New York Times bestselling author becomes a comic!The first love of youth—so painful and yet so sweet…Elissa married Cole when she was twenty years old. It should have been the key to her happiness, but, inexperienced in matters of the ... See More

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He was always alone, even he became famous and had many women around him, he always felt lonely because he lost his love of life when he was young. What will he do if there is a chance to get her back?

Love Me True UPDATE : July 3rd, 2020

Senator's daughter Heather fell in love with the most handsome boy in high school, Joey. Their relationship came to an end when her unexpected pregnancy was discovered by her parents. They are now both adults and engaged to other people, living ... See More

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A handsome pirate who looks stern and scary but actually has a soft and kind heart, who can resist a man like that?

Serenade of the Pirate King UPDATE : June 26th, 2020

Cecilia is on her way to an arranged marriage when she is attacked by a pirate and saved by Dylan, the captain of a ghost ship. Cecilia feared he would be a cutthroat pirate, but while spending time with Dylan, she is drawn to his kindness. But ... See More

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They were both hurt by their parent and had a miserable childhood. They used each other to get revenge but they finally realized that staying together is the only way to be happy.


Noelle used to be a genius pianist as a child, but now that she’s an adult, people don’t remember her anymore. To make matters worse, her mother, who treated her like a cash cow, has run away with all Noelle’s earnings. So when hotel tycoon Ethan ... See More

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The heroine has infectious energy that will bring hope and optimison to people around her. No wonder the hero fell for her again within just a few days even he lost momeries about her.

BRAZEN & BURNING UPDATE : June 12th, 2020

It might be too late. But I don’t want to run away from love any longer.Sydney is a novelist who has finally fulfilled her lifelong dream of having her work reach number one on the bestseller list! However, she feels empty as she can’t stop thinki... See More

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They live in different worlds but they shared the same loneliness. The prince, growing up surrounded by people, has always been feeling emptiness deep in his heart, until he met her....

Love Suddenly Befalls the Sheikh UPDATE : June 5th, 2020

Raised in an orphanage, Laura sometimes daydreams about a prince from the desert whom she had met when she was a little girl. One day, her guardian arranges for her to serve as an interpreter for Prince Zaid of the Kingdom of Rhaza. She’s sure tha... See More

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This is a very interesting story to read for the artist is really good at psychological description.Both hero and heroine are very cute and sweet, they are a good match.

LONE STAR SEDUCTION (Colored Version) UPDATE : May 22nd, 2020

Being torn apart from his first love, Alex, a housekeeper's son, fell in love with his boss's daughter, Rebecca. Because of that, he and his whole family felt her father's wrath when they were fired. To protect his family and his younger sister, w... See More



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