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He was always alone, even he became famous and had many women around him, he always felt lonely because he lost his love of life when he was young. What will he do if there is a chance to get her back?

Love Me True UPDATE : July 3rd, 2020

Senator's daughter Heather fell in love with the most handsome boy in high school, Joey. Their relationship came to an end when her unexpected pregnancy was discovered by her parents. They are now both adults and engaged to other people, living ... See More

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A handsome pirate who looks stern and scary but actually has a soft and kind heart, who can resist a man like that?

Serenade of the Pirate King UPDATE : June 26th, 2020

Cecilia is on her way to an arranged marriage when she is attacked by a pirate and saved by Dylan, the captain of a ghost ship. Cecilia feared he would be a cutthroat pirate, but while spending time with Dylan, she is drawn to his kindness. But ... See More

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They were both hurt by their parent and had a miserable childhood. They used each other to get revenge but they finally realized that staying together is the only way to be happy.


Noelle used to be a genius pianist as a child, but now that she’s an adult, people don’t remember her anymore. To make matters worse, her mother, who treated her like a cash cow, has run away with all Noelle’s earnings. So when hotel tycoon Ethan ... See More

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The heroine has infectious energy that will bring hope and optimison to people around her. No wonder the hero fell for her again within just a few days even he lost momeries about her.

BRAZEN & BURNING UPDATE : June 12th, 2020

It might be too late. But I don’t want to run away from love any longer.Sydney is a novelist who has finally fulfilled her lifelong dream of having her work reach number one on the bestseller list! However, she feels empty as she can’t stop thinki... See More

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They live in different worlds but they shared the same loneliness. The prince, growing up surrounded by people, has always been feeling emptiness deep in his heart, until he met her....

Love Suddenly Befalls the Sheikh UPDATE : June 5th, 2020

Raised in an orphanage, Laura sometimes daydreams about a prince from the desert whom she had met when she was a little girl. One day, her guardian arranges for her to serve as an interpreter for Prince Zaid of the Kingdom of Rhaza. She’s sure tha... See More

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This is a very interesting story to read for the artist is really good at psychological description.Both hero and heroine are very cute and sweet, they are a good match.

LONE STAR SEDUCTION (Colored Version) UPDATE : May 22nd, 2020

Being torn apart from his first love, Alex, a housekeeper's son, fell in love with his boss's daughter, Rebecca. Because of that, he and his whole family felt her father's wrath when they were fired. To protect his family and his younger sister, w... See More

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They felt uncomfortable when they first met, but the moment they share are so sweet that they could not help being attracted to each other.

THE TAMING OF XANDER STERNE (Colored Version) UPDATE : May 15th, 2020

When a multimillionaire is injured in a car accident, Sam ends up taking care of him. Xander is an international entrepreneur, one of the Sterne brothers and an infamous playboy with shining blond hair. Sam is a single mother who’s survived a trem... See More

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The hero is very straightforward and determined in terms of pursuing love. It's good to see that the heroine finally managed to get over her ex boyfriend and fell for him.


What’s the difference between mere affection and love? Which one do they share?Emma is beautiful and sophisticated, but she lives a simple and solitary life. Finding her to be an ideal woman, Jason decided to visit her at the candy store she runs ... See More

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I love how they fall in love because they bring inspiraton and courage to each other.They are soulmate and life partners.


I could never forget that hauntingly beautiful face! He is the monster who attacked my sister and tore her heart to pieces!Reporter Mel feels like her heart is about to leap from her chest as she hides in someone else’s hotel room bathtub. She had... See More

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This is a beautiful pure romance.The hero is turely a gentleman and is very considerate.He shows his affection to the heroine in a careful and cautious way which i think could melt every girl's heart.


Daisy has never known love…but something about the charming doctor has her heart stirring.When food poisoning runs through the nursery school where Daisy teaches, she calls an ambulance for the children and takes them to the hospital. There she me... See More

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They are both very kind, brave, strong and noble. They are meant to be together.

RORY UPDATE : April 10th, 2020

Even though he’s an enemy combatant, she is charmed by the man as handsome as the devil himself.In the sixteenth century, Ireland is embroiled in a heroic fight against England. Amid the fighting, AnnaClaire, the daughter of an English nobleman, m... See More

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She thought she will never be able to love again, until she met him, the man who is willing to do everything to make her happy and warm her heart.


The secret behind the ice-cold wife…Margo is determined to never fall in love. Even when Leonidas Marakaios, one of the most gorgeous men in Europe, proposes, she responds with a firm “no.” Their playful relationship ends here or so they both thou... See More

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He brought out the best in her as an actress, she healed his heart from the traumatic past. They complete each other.


It’s the late 1930s, the Golden Age of Hollywood. Emma, a country girl and aspiring actress, suddenly gets the chance to star in a real Hollywood romance flick. Having never experienced romance herself, to play her part better Emma starts receivin... See More

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The hero is so perfect! He is very kind and considerate. When he realized that he has fell in love with the heroine, he didn't force her into a relationship with him.Instead, he gave her time and space to focus on her work and tried his best to cheer her up.He may be my favorite hero in harlequin comics.

IT TAKES A HERO UPDATE : March 13th, 2020

Our special night together was nothing but a fantasy…Romance novelist Kristin is struggling to recover from a heartbreak that has caused her severe writer’s block. Her mother tries to help her out by taking her to an auction where guests can bid o... See More

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They fell in love at first sight but they didn' realize that because of the complicated past between their families.As they spent time together,they began to build a deep connection and find how much they treasure each other.

Starry Night Bride UPDATE : March 6th, 2020

Theone who stole my body and heart was a cruel count who was rumored to be cursed.The wealthy Count Gilmore’s younger sister, Celeste, has trouble with one of her legs and always ends up being a wallflower at parties. One night, Count Nightstar, a... See More

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A beautiful historical romance about a noble man and a simple girl, who persist against great obstacles to be with him.

SATAN'S MARK UPDATE : February 28th, 2020

He stole Annelise’s heart, but refused to give her his in return… Raised by her strict uncle, Annelise lives an austere life. One day, when she learns that the man her late father chose to be her guardian, Marquis Saintjohn, is living in London, s... See More

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They have finally understood that they cannot live without each other!

RELUCTANT FATHER! UPDATE : February 21st, 2020

It’s been a year and a half…and she still can’t resist his charm!Cassandra has come all the way to the Seychelles to help out at a cottage owned by the lover of her recently deceased uncle. She went because she thought she could start a new life t... See More

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Even carefully planned things can end up unexpectedly! Watch out not to fall in love in the person you planned your revenge on!

THE ASKING PRICE UPDATE : February 14th, 2020

It was only the beginning of his carefully planned revenge…After five years, Blair reappears in Sian’s life as the new president of her company. Blair’s cold gaze hides a dark plan—to take revenge on Sian for ruining his best friend and pushing hi... See More

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Life isn’t always as beautiful as a fairy tale.Caroline, a daughter of a noble family had to make a difficult choice to help her father to overcome a financial collapse.What would you do if you were in her place..?


She would do anything to avoid seeing Luiz again…anything except hurt her family.Caroline, the daughter of the noble Newbury family, never wanted to return to the place where she fell passionately in love with Luiz and had her heart broken. But in... See More

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After being separated from each other for a few years, they finally understood that they cannot live without each other~

A SCANDAL, A SECRET, A BABY UPDATE : January 27th, 2020

She gave him one last chance, and her life changed forever!Justina can’t believe Dante D’Arezzo had the gall to talk to her! Has he forgotten what he did? Yet Justina’s heart wavers after she is unexpectedly reunited with Dante, an Italian entrepr... See More



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