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She thought she will never be able to love again, until she met him, the man who is willing to do everything to make her happy and warm her heart.


The secret behind the ice-cold wife…Margo is determined to never fall in love. Even when Leonidas Marakaios, one of the most gorgeous men in Europe, proposes, she responds with a firm “no.” Their playful relationship ends here or so they both thou... See More

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He brought out the best in her as an actress, she healed his heart from the traumatic past. They complete each other.


It’s the late 1930s, the Golden Age of Hollywood. Emma, a country girl and aspiring actress, suddenly gets the chance to star in a real Hollywood romance flick. Having never experienced romance herself, to play her part better Emma starts receivin... See More

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The hero is so perfect! He is very kind and considerate. When he realized that he has fell in love with the heroine, he didn't force her into a relationship with him.Instead, he gave her time and space to focus on her work and tried his best to cheer her up.He may be my favorite hero in harlequin comics.

IT TAKES A HERO UPDATE : March 13th, 2020

Our special night together was nothing but a fantasy…Romance novelist Kristin is struggling to recover from a heartbreak that has caused her severe writer’s block. Her mother tries to help her out by taking her to an auction where guests can bid o... See More

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They fell in love at first sight but they didn' realize that because of the complicated past between their families.As they spent time together,they began to build a deep connection and find how much they treasure each other.

Starry Night Bride UPDATE : March 6th, 2020

Theone who stole my body and heart was a cruel count who was rumored to be cursed.The wealthy Count Gilmore’s younger sister, Celeste, has trouble with one of her legs and always ends up being a wallflower at parties. One night, Count Nightstar, a... See More

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A beautiful historical romance about a noble man and a simple girl, who persist against great obstacles to be with him.

SATAN'S MARK UPDATE : February 28th, 2020

He stole Annelise’s heart, but refused to give her his in return… Raised by her strict uncle, Annelise lives an austere life. One day, when she learns that the man her late father chose to be her guardian, Marquis Saintjohn, is living in London, s... See More

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They have finally understood that they cannot live without each other!

RELUCTANT FATHER! UPDATE : February 21st, 2020

It’s been a year and a half…and she still can’t resist his charm!Cassandra has come all the way to the Seychelles to help out at a cottage owned by the lover of her recently deceased uncle. She went because she thought she could start a new life t... See More

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Even carefully planned things can end up unexpectedly! Watch out not to fall in love in the person you planned your revenge on!

THE ASKING PRICE UPDATE : February 14th, 2020

It was only the beginning of his carefully planned revenge…After five years, Blair reappears in Sian’s life as the new president of her company. Blair’s cold gaze hides a dark plan—to take revenge on Sian for ruining his best friend and pushing hi... See More

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Life isn’t always as beautiful as a fairy tale.Caroline, a daughter of a noble family had to make a difficult choice to help her father to overcome a financial collapse.What would you do if you were in her place..?


She would do anything to avoid seeing Luiz again…anything except hurt her family.Caroline, the daughter of the noble Newbury family, never wanted to return to the place where she fell passionately in love with Luiz and had her heart broken. But in... See More

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After being separated from each other for a few years, they finally understood that they cannot live without each other~

A SCANDAL, A SECRET, A BABY UPDATE : January 27th, 2020

She gave him one last chance, and her life changed forever!Justina can’t believe Dante D’Arezzo had the gall to talk to her! Has he forgotten what he did? Yet Justina’s heart wavers after she is unexpectedly reunited with Dante, an Italian entrepr... See More

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Lady of a court, who was willing to sacrifice everything to help simple villagers has tugged at his heartstrings..


MOONRISE UPDATE : January 26th, 2020

Has the biggest playboy of the royal court come for Sarah?In the seventeenth century, the King of England was worried about a thief who had been striking on the roads. Meanwhile, Sarah, who lived in the remote countryside, was heartbroken by the s... See More

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Benedict del Castillo, a millionaire, thought he would never be able to have his own children because of a terrible car accident. How happy he was when he knew that a girl, he had an affair with before, actually had a son from him!


The savior of her failing hotel is a millionaire with seduction on his mind!When millionaire Benedict del Castillo alighted from the yacht and Mia’s eyes fell on him, she thought her heart was going to stop. She had once made love with him, despit... See More

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The book reminds of a Cinderella story. Doesn’t matter what other people say or think about you, never lose your dignity!.~


Can Tabitha trust his compliments?Tabitha’s stepmother has told her since she was a little girl that she’s ugly and it’s useless to even try to look pretty…and Tabitha’s always being compared to her pretty stepsister. With her self-esteem in tatte... See More

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Being so different from the other girls, she impressed him by her pureness and plainness.~

TO SIN WITH THE TYCOON UPDATE : January 23rd, 2020

Will the City of Lights reveal these coworkers’ true feelings? Alice works as a secretary to a wealthy man named Gabriel. He’s a hard worker and well known for being a playboy. He seems uninterested in Alice, who keeps a low profile. Because of he... See More

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How does it feel like to be captured by a strong and powerful Viking? Main heroine, Rosamund can share her story!

THE VIKING'S HEART UPDATE : January 22nd, 2020

She believed marriage was a trap, but her heart still yearned for love…“I don’t want to live a life of servitude controlled by my husband.” Rosamund, forced into a political marriage by her father, faked her own kidnapping in order to escape. The ... See More

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She fell in love with an enemy of her family. Will she be able to forget all the caused pain in sake of love?


She’s there for revenge, but she’ll get a lot more than that!Tall, blonde and beautiful, Bobbie gets close to the famous Creighton family in order to seek revenge. The only person who doubts her is lawyer Luke Creighton. He’s a handsome, charismat... See More

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She was left with nothing after her grandmother passed away. But miracles do happen, she turned out to have an influential grandfather, who later has introduced her to the prince of her dreams~


How dare he treat her like an opportunistic imposter? He knows nothing about her!Pia is left with no family after her grandmother dies. Until she learns about Gio, her grandfather, the founder of a huge company, and suddenly becomes the woman of t... See More

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Despite of being married for a few years, the heroes of this book understand that they know almost nothing about each other. Being so close to divorce they started realizing that they actually can't live without each other...


Their marriage was an empty promise…The moment Lindsay fell in love with Antonio, a wealthy Greek man, was the moment her tragedy began. After they married, she moved to his country from her humble home in New York, but what greeted her there were... See More

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It's easy to fall in love with a playboy, is it the same easy to make a playboy fall in love with you?


How did Kate end up working for such an awful man?Kate Thornley is stuck with a financial dilemma, so she must accept a job offer as a live-in chef in an imposing mansion. Her job is to coordinate a tea lounge for the public, which seems promisin... See More

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Never believe the rumours until you are sure about them! Zara made a risky decision, but she's got a pleasant reward at the end.

TO MARRY A SHEIKH UPDATE : January 18th, 2020

She thought he was a monster, but perhaps the ugly rumors were wrong!Zara, who was about to become the second wife of King Hakem of Rahman on her stepfather’s orders, escaped the palace and left to find the country’s former crown prince, Malik. He... See More

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She went so far to take a revenge for her abandoned sister, however she succeeded to reunite a family and find a love of her life herself~


Each of them believes the worst about the other. Could they both be wrong?After Mariella is asked by her sister to care for her young niece, Fleur, she ends up visiting the desert country of Zuran. The man who abandoned Fleur and her mother lives ... See More



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