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New TO MARRY A SHEIKH UPDATE : January 18th, 2020

She thought he was a monster, but perhaps the ugly rumors were wrong!Zara, who was about to become the second wife of King Hakem of Rahman on her stepfather’s orders, escaped the palace and left to find the country’s former crown prince, Malik. He... See More

editor's comment

Never believe the rumours until you are sure about them! Zara made a risky decision, but she's got a pleasant reward at the end.


Each of them believes the worst about the other. Could they both be wrong?After Mariella is asked by her sister to care for her young niece, Fleur, she ends up visiting the desert country of Zuran. The man who abandoned Fleur and her mother lives ... See More

editor's comment

She went so far to take a revenge for her abandoned sister, however she succeeded to reunite a family and find a love of her life herself~

New SOLD FOR THE GREEK'S HEIR UPDATE : January 18th, 2020

The multimillionaire once cast her off, but now he wants to marry her! At the hotel where Lucy works as a waitress, she’s been asked to handle refreshments for a business meeting. When so many bodyguards appear, though, she wonders just who could ... See More

editor's comment

What an arrogant man is this Jaz! At first he severely accuses her in lying, and then he suddenly wants her to be his wife?! Let's see Lucy's reaction!

New HAJAR'S HIDDEN LEGACY UPDATE : January 17th, 2020

She got the marriage contract she needed…and so much more!“Please marry me…” Princess Katharine of Austrich pleads with the king of an allied country, a man known as the Beast of Hajar. She is in awe of his his sharp eyes and wounded body, but sti... See More

editor's comment

The story has proved that a beauty is not only what we have outside, it`s mainly what we have inside~ Beautiful princess fell in love with his pure heart despite of his appearance…

New THE SHEIKH'S REWARD UPDATE : January 17th, 2020

She came to get the scoop on him, but he’s sweeping her off her feet! Financial journalist Frances will do whatever it takes to get the scoop on one of the world’s richest men—Sheikh Ali Ben Saleem, the leader of the principality of Kamar. She get... See More

editor's comment

The world's richest sheikh falls in love with a simple journalist on the first night, and declares that she belongs to him now?! Is he being serious?!

New THE BLACKSTONE HEIR UPDATE : January 17th, 2020

She might risk her heart for Jacob, but she won’t risk her child. Two years have passed since KC’s affair with Jacob, a rich businessman, came to an end. No one would’ve thought that Jacob, the CEO of a large company in Philadelphia, would return ... See More

editor's comment

It happens sometimes when you love someone, but due to some reasons you cannot be together. Check out how much the heroes of this book had to struggle for their happiness!

New WANTED: PERFECT WIFE UPDATE : January 16th, 2020

This entrepreneur and dark horse of the business industry is interested in a dreamy girl!Marc is one of the biggest icons in the business world. He is a man with wealth and fame, but he is missing one thing: a perfect wife. That’s when Rennie come... See More

editor's comment

Does a successful 35 year-old man, who's lost any hope to find a love of his life still stand a chance...? Let`s find it out!

THE WEDDING GAME UPDATE : December 27th, 2019

He’s her destiny, yet their love has been nothing but a series of disasters!Amy’s younger sister has been a spoiled queen of high society, and Amy has supported her from the shadows. Amy’s willingness to give up on her own marriage to help her sis... See More

editor's comment

This is kind of like harlequin version of "Pride and prejudice". The heoine is intelligient and independent, the hero is a gentleman with high profile but seems arrogant, they don't seem like a match at first t but they can't help being attracted to each other. The plot is interesting and the characters are well portrayed.

THE REDEMPTION OF DARIUS STERNE (The Twin Tycoons) UPDATE : December 20th, 2019

A story by USA Today bestselling author becomes a comic!Will her billionaire still want her once he sees her scars?An accident had put an end to Andy’s ballet career, but she was still celebrating her twenty-third birthday with her sister and brot... See More

editor's comment

I love how the hero and the heroine manage to face traumatic past and learn to love people and be loved.


This charming man holds her fate in his hands.Chessie’s father committed a crime to protect his family, but then he died. She was at a loss as to what to do after selling their manor, but Miles Hunter, a mystery novel author, gave her an option. H... See More

editor's comment

The heroine and hero love each other in such a mature and gentle way that I was moved by the deep love between them. .

The Spanish Billionaire's Pregnant Wife UPDATE : December 6th, 2019

Molly is working at an upper-class party when one of the guests starts harassing her. In her position, all Molly can do is politely insist that she's merely a waitress—until Leandro, a Spanish banker and a duke, steps in to protect her. As brave a... See More

editor's comment

This is a moving story about two people from completely different world fell in love and managed to be together .

Temporary Boss, Permanent Mistress UPDATE : November 29th, 2019

Lydia and her boss have found a way to keep warm on their trip to Norway!Lydia is a lawyer who wants to quit her job to pursue her passion as an artist. However, her boss, Jake, has asked her to go with him on a business trip to Norway and she’s a... See More

editor's comment

The heroine is adorable for she is passionate about her career and is brave in pursuing love.


Our worlds are so different… I know it can never be, but I don’t want to wake up from this dream.Jillian was on a trip to Venice when she was swept off her feet by a man she’d only just met…and she agreed to marry him! But it turned out that he’s ... See More

editor's comment

I really enjoy this story for the plot is gripping with a bit of mytery .


When her prince disappeared, Layna was forever scarred.Xander, prodigal prince and the infamous firstborn heir to the throne of Kyonos, a small island kingdom in the Aegean Sea, has returned home. Layna is at a loss for words when her former fianc... See More

editor's comment

The story was about redemption and self-acceptance, I like that the characters managed to grow and overcome their shadowed past.


A year has passed, but I’m still surrounded by painful memories.Grace grew up in an orphanage, but she found herself a happy, stable family when she married Donato, an Italian millionaire, and gave birth to their son. But her happiness was short-l... See More

editor's comment

The story was one about misunderstanding and love, leaving me think about communication in relationships and how that can help to bridge hard times.


After hearing that her brother is in jail, Abbie isdevastated. She discovers that her father has gone to meet a sheikh to try to make a deal for her brother…and ends up offering the royal her hand in marriage! At the same time, Abbie finds herself... See More

editor's comment

The element of adventure and suspense in this story is captivating.

MARRIED BY DAWN UPDATE : October 25th, 2019

How can a heartless man be so kind and passionate?After her parents died, Tara was able to continue only because of her little sister, Charlene. And then, a year ago, she lost Charlene, too. She was murdered by the coldhearted Gavin Deveroux. And ... See More

editor's comment

Don`t miss it if you are a fan of fantasy or vampire story.

OUT OF DANGER UPDATE : October 18th, 2019

My best friend was murdered, and I’m the next target!“Find Quent Yerby.” Those were the last words of Rebecca’s friend before she died. Quent was the uncle of Rebecca’s late friend’s son, Josh, and his only living relative. When Rebecca finally fo... See More

editor's comment

The story is more like a suspense than a romance, but I enjoyed it a lot. I admire herorine's courage and strength and totally understand why the hero fell for her.

The Desert King UPDATE : October 11th, 2019

Princess Aliyah arrives to her wedding in a black wedding dress. This is a declaration of war to her husband, King Kamal. Seven years ago, the two were in a relationship, but he messed around with her and then left her. Now, the two of them end... See More

editor's comment

Although the hero and the heroine were separated for many years by a misunderstanding. They are much stronger and charming when they reunite,which makes them more passionate about each other than before.

SCANDALIZED! UPDATE : October 4th, 2019

She thought she was alone in life…until she found him.Olivia’s life is all about her work, so she deeply respects Tony as a business owner. That’s why his offer comes as such a complete shock. He wants her to have his baby! He isn’t looking for ma... See More

editor's comment

There are many harlequin stories about relationship or marriage based on contract, but this one is quite unique and interesting to read. In other stories,heroines are usually forced into fake relationship because of some money issues or family issues. In this story, the heroine is a smart and independent career woman who will not miss the chance to go for the man she wants. Their relationship seems nothing more like business at first but is actually about two people who truly admire, respect and attract each other. They are a perfect match.



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