Harlequin Comics Special feature Christmas Special

  • Written by Barbara Hannay
  • Art by Kaishi Sakuya
  • Published by Harlequin
  • 4
  • Christmas Eve. As she does every year, Jo is spending the evening working in her family's store when suddenly a car screeches to a halt and a gorgeous man appears, looking for a present for a little girl. This proves to be too tall an order for a general store in the countryside of Australia, but Jo has a solution for the disappointed man. She finds a stuffed animal she'd been saving for her sister. Normal life resumes after she watches him drive off, smiling and with a gift in hand...until she finds him at her house later that day. He says he has a favor to ask of her...
  • The Billionaire's Christmas Gift
  • Written by Carole Mortimer
  • Art by Kaoru Shinozaki
  • Published by Harlequin
  • 4
  • “Why won’t you accept my invitation?” When the sinfully handsome billionaire Nick makes an advance on Beth, her heart flutters. They’d only just met a few days ago. Nick had hit Beth with his car and then pressured her to join him for Christmas. Ever since Beth lost her husband two years ago in an accident, she’s turned her back on people and any chance of romance. But just being next to this man, who smells of danger, she can’t help how her body reacts, even if her heart is saying no. She’d already made up her mind not to ever fall in love again…hadn’t she?
The Billionaire's Christmas Gift-panel (C) KAORU SHINOZAKI
  • Their Christmas Wish Come True
  • Written by Cara Colter
  • Art by Junko Murata
  • Published by Harlequin
  • 5
  • Thirty-nine days until Christmas... A man knocks on the door of the Secret Santa Association, where Kirsten works. Looking somewhat sad, with eyes filled with pain, he says he’s there to help. But judging from his looks, he doesn’t seem the type to volunteer. She sends him away, saying, “All we need is fifty children’s jackets. There’s nothing else you could do right now.” And he returns with the jackets shortly after. Who is he? Did God send me a handsome and compassionate man?
Their Christmas Wish Come True-panel (C) JUNKO MURATA
  • High-Powered, Hot-Blooded
  • Written by Susan Mallery
  • Art by Natsu Momose
  • Published by Harlequin
  • 5
  • Annie is a kindergarten teacher who gets the shock of her life when Duncan, the famous entrepreneur who all the newspapers have labeled “Meanest CEO in the Country," tells her that her little brother embezzled money from his company! He says that if he can’t get his money back he’s going to take her house and throw her brother in jail. Annie’s in such deep shock that when he proposes an alternative that will forgive her of her debts, she takes him up on his offer. All she has to do is help him change his stone-cold image by pretending to be his girlfriend for the month leading up to Christmas. They both live in such completely different worlds, such a thing shouldn’t even be possible…or so she thought!
High-Powered, Hot-Blooded-panel (C) NATSU MOMOSE
  • Sold into Marriage
  • Written by Ann Major
  • Art by Kakuko Shinozaki
  • Published by Harlequin
  • 4
  • Josie, who’s from a prominent family, has been living in self-imposed exile in Paris after being labeled as a whore. On a lonely Christmas night, she is startled to find a stranger watching her as she entertains herself at a window. The man introduces himself as Adam. They hit it off so well that they decide to have dinner together, which leads to spending a night. After an intense night, Josie feels content but becomes enraged the moment she discovers Adam’s identity!
Sold into Marriage-panel (C) KAKUKO SHINOZAKI

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