Harlequin Comics Special feature Falling in Love in France Selections

  • French Kissing
  • Written by Nancy Warren
  • Art by Mao Karino
  • Published by Harlequin
  • 4
  • Fashion Week in Paris is on, and yet Edward Holden sticks out like a errant string in a bad stitch job. The handsome man may be in disguise as a photo journalist, but only with the reluctant help of Kimberly Lenton can the undercover investigator go from covert op to cover model. The pair needs to stay serious to prevent the theft of another expensive dress...but will this runway lead down the path of love?
French Kissing-panel (C) MAO KARINO
  • Written by Julia James
  • Art by Kei Kohsaki
  • Published by Harlequin
  • 4
  • To distract herself from the fact that she is now completely alone in the world, Vanessa takes a solo trip to Paris. But her beauty is so captivating that men begin to follow her around, trying to woo her! Soon a man named Markos, who is almost frighteningly handsome, notices and offers to become her bodyguard. Drunk on wine and Paris, the city of lights, Vanessa quickly falls in love. However, when she finds that Markos is one of the world's premier billionaires and he begins showering her with wealth, she begins to suspect things are not what they seem. "He thinks of me as nothing more than a high-class prostitute!"
  • Written by Shirley Jump
  • Art by Akiko Miyagi
  • Published by Harlequin
  • 4
  • Ever since the loss of their parents eight years ago, Susannah has worked herself to the bone looking after her younger sister Jackie. But she has a dream: to live out her late parents’ unrealized plans of traveling to Paris. To see the world. Now Jackie is about to get married, Susannah has the money saved up, and her travel plans are set. Enter a man dreamy enough to overshadow even Paris—Kane, the groom’s best friend. Kane asks Susannah to show him how to live a “normal” life during his vacation. He’s never felt grass beneath his bare feet before, never gone fishing. Who is he, really? And what’s Susannah to do when she finds herself falling for him?
  • Written by Sandra Field
  • Art by Hiroko Miura
  • Published by Harlequin
  • 4
  • Six years ago, the internationally known violinist Lia, met Seth, heir to a Fortune 500 company, at a masked ball. Lia was dressed as a butterfly, and Seth as a highwayman. The two of them spent one night together and fell in love, but it soon turned into a nightmare. After their tryst, Seth completely ignored Lia, who was pregnant with his child. And now, seven years later, here he is, in front of Lia once again! When he treats her as a stranger, Lia is both hurt and overcome by her suppressed feelings for him…
  • The Baby Proposal
  • Written by Rebecca Winters
  • Art by Kaoru Kasuga
  • Published by Harlequin
  • 5
  • "I might not be able to have children anymore…" Having decided to quit her job in order to pursue medical treatment, Andrea pays a visit to her boss’s office. To her surprise he invites her to join him on a business trip to Paris. Andrea accepts the offer, hoping to make this final assignment a memorable experience. But while in the City of Love, her boss surprises her yet again. This time with a sudden proposal!
The Baby Proposal-panel (C) KAORU KASUGA

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