Harlequin Comics Special feature Office Love

  • The Tycoon's Secret Affair
  • Written by Maya Banks
  • Art by Nanao Hidaka
  • Published by Harlequin
  • 5
  • Jewel thinks she's found paradise when she lands a job working as an executive assistant on a picturesque land resort. The man she meets in the hotel bar that night proves just as alluring. He is gorgeous and powerful. Intoxicated by her good fortune, that chance encounter turns into a night of sultry passion, and drives her to ecstasy in the arms of a man whose name she does not know. Two days later, Jewel comes to work, excited to meet her new boss, the hotel's owner. Little does she know that the man waiting behind that office door is Piers Anetakis–the stranger who had coaxed her to such sensual heights–and he'll fire her without rhyme or reason just hours later. Outrageous! What a coward!
The Tycoon's Secret Affair-panel (C) NANAO HIDAKA
  • No Escaping Love
  • Written by Sharon Kendrick
  • Art by Morika Anzaki
  • Published by Harlequin
  • 4
  • Working conditions don’t get any better than this job. It’s high paying and includes a furnished apartment…and not just any apartment, but a penthouse above the office building. “The kitchen is really the only communal area, so we probably won’t run into each other very often.” What? So that means… Thus begins the businesslike roommate arrangement of the boss and his secretary. But a single phone call changes their lives…and their location. “My daughter has been expelled from boarding school. I’m going to take her home and you have to come live with me.” And so, the two of them face what is waiting for them in Oxfordshire…
No Escaping Love-panel (C) MORIKA ANZAKI
  • For the Love of Emma
  • Written by Lucy Gordon
  • Art by Mito Orihara
  • Published by Harlequin
  • 4
  • Briony just became a secretary for company president Carlyle, famous as a workaholic. Just as she finishes an urgent job, a little girl bursts into the office: Carlyle’s daughter, Emma. Briony is shocked by the instant change in her boss. The normally haughty man boasts a transformative smile as a proud single father. Briony ends up joining the pair on a trip to the amusement park, when Emma suddenly collapses in pain! Carlyle confesses that Emma has a heart condition, and has only a few months left to live. Not only that, but he begs Briony to fulfill his daughter’s final wish—he wants Briony to marry him, and become Emma’s mother!
For the Love of Emma-panel (C) MITO ORIHARA
  • Written by Kathryn Ross
  • Art by Nanami Akino
  • Published by Harlequin
  • 5
  • Charlotte McCann just woke up in bed with her boss, Jordan Lynch, and that was never the plan! As the daughter of the owner of McCann Development, Charlotte’s found that many of her plans have fallen through. Her engagement just ended, thanks to a friend, and a significant amount of money has gone missing from the business! When Charlotte tries to retrace her steps to figure out how this happened, she might just find that Jordan has the solution to both of her problems.
  • Written by Natalie Anderson
  • Art by Yoriko Minato
  • Published by Harlequin
  • 3
  • Sophy takes a job organizing Lorenzo’s office. He is a freewheeling businessman who rose from poverty and, to Sophy’s annoyance, walks around half-naked. Famous for being a playboy during his school days, he is not a man Sophy is sure she can manage. In a bid to get him to wear a shirt, she challenges him to a basketball game, but is she really certain she wants to win?

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