Harlequin Comics Special feature Prince Selection

  • The Once and Future Prince
  • Written by Olivia Gates
  • Art by Min Kyuka
  • Published by Harlequin
  • 5
  • Phoebe, an international legal consultant, is dumbfounded by the work she is assigned by the king. Her work is to bring Prince Leandro, who left the country seven years ago, back to Casterdini. Leandro is the only man that Phoebe ever loved. But for him, Phoebe was nothing but a convenient woman whose heart he shattered and abandoned. Coming face-to-face with that man again? It’s hard enough recalling the painful parting, but reuniting with him sweetly shakes up Phoebe’s heart…
The Once and Future Prince-panel (C) MIN KYUKA
  • Bride Fit for A Prince
  • Written by Rebecca Winters
  • Art by Esu Chihara
  • Published by Harlequin
  • 3
  • When Callie's twin sister, Annabella, told her she won the grand prize of the contest "I Stole the Prince's Heart and Engagement Ring," she was more than amazed. However, Annabella, an up-and-coming starlet, asks Callie to go in her place and refuse the prize because it clashes with her acting in a big upcoming movie. “Why would anyone want to publicly search for a bride?" is what Callie thought as she reluctantly agrees to make the far trip for her desperate sister. But the moment she arrives at the airport, Callie gets taken away by the elegant butler of the prince. When she attempts to explain her situation, he doesn't seem to care.  "Stop telling me lies about being a twin. You will marry the price in twenty-four hours.” 
Bride Fit for A Prince-panel (C) ESU CHIHARA
  • The Prince's Housekeeper Bride/Prince Incognito
  • Written by Carol Marinelli
  • Art by Satomi Tsuya
  • Published by Harlequin
  • 4
  • Alyssa is selected to be Prince Benito's maid while he is visiting from the neighboring country of Niroli. To Alyssa, the young, beautiful and popular prince is someone beyond her reach and she is too shy to even look him in the eye. But one day, while cleaning the bathroom, Alyssa finds a lipstick that the prince's girlfriend has left behind. The lipstick looks glamorous to the naive Alyssa, who has never even put on makeup before, so she faces the mirror to apply it. But Prince Benito, who has seen everything, suddenly appears…!
The Prince's Housekeeper Bride/Prince Incognito-panel (C) SATOMI TSUYA
  • The Prince's Royal Concubine
  • Written by Lynn Raye Harris
  • Art by Karin Miyamoto
  • Published by Harlequin
  • 4
  • "If it will save my country, then I shall give myself up to the devil." Antonella, princess to the small, economically wounded kingdom of Monteverde, is dining with some VIPs at a luxurious yacht party when a familiar voice reaches her ears. "A princess doing the work of a harlot?" The owner of this insult is none other than Cristiano, who reigns in the rival kingdom of Monterosso. Long ago, when their kingdoms were at peace, he had stolen her heart. Now he tells her that she is the only one that can save Monteverde from destruction, but in order for that to happen, he wants Antonella for himself.
The Prince's Royal Concubine-panel (C) KARIN MIYAMOTO
  • The Prince's Ultimate Deception
  • Written by Emilie Rose
  • Art by Emiko Inoue
  • Published by Harlequin
  • 5
  • "He's the most gorgeous tour guide in the world!" Upon arriving in beautiful Monaco, Madeline arranges for a tour guide at the hotel she's staying at. A man who happens to be at the hotel calls out to her: "Shall I be your guide, then?" While she’s taken aback by the sudden proposition, the extraordinarily handsome figure makes her heart jump. On the other hand, the man is also pulled toward Madeline. "It seems she has no idea who I really am, the Duchy of Montagnarde's own Prince Dominic." Dominic decides to approach her without giving up his true identity.
The Prince's Ultimate Deception-panel (C) EMIKO INOUE

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