Harlequin Comics Special feature Princess in Love

  • Hot Boss, Boardroom Mistress
  • Written by Natalie Anderson
  • Art by Masako Ogimaru
  • Published by Harlequin
  • 4
  • Amanda's breath catches in her throat. Suddenly, in the empty boardroom, Jared embraces her, stealing a kiss from her. But they were in the middle of a meeting! That didn't matter to her, though...she's wanted Jared since she was sixteen. Back then, she had been a spoiled princess and he had been a delinquent from a broken family. But now their positions are reversed, and he's the prince, running his own business, while Amanda is working for him. Even if he's just using her to satisfy his desires, she has no regrets about their relationship. But then, Jared is disturbed to find out that Amanda is still a virgin!
Hot Boss, Boardroom Mistress-panel (C) MASAKO OGIMARU
  • Paying the Playboy's Price
  • Written by Emilie Rose
  • Art by Satoru Nagasawa
  • Published by Harlequin
  • 4
  • Juliana Alden has lived her entire life just as her mother wanted. When Juliana finds out that her marriage to Wallace is another one of her mother's business transactions, she does the unthinkable—she buys the pop star Rex Tanner at a charity bachelor auction! For one month, she gets Rex Tanner, and Juliana's plan is to experience passion in a way she's never experienced before! To Juliana's dismay, Rex shuns all of her advances. Why does this notorious playboy refuse to have anything to do with her?
Paying the Playboy's Price-panel (C) SATORU NAGASAWA
  • The Invisible Virgin
  • Written by Maggie Shayne
  • Art by Chieko Hara
  • Published by Harlequin
  • 4
  • Rosie is happiest in the lab where she works as a botanical scientist, but her family demands that she join them at society events to help keep the legendary Linden family in the public eye. She may be most comfortable with dirt under her fingernails, but she's made a deal—if she can live up to her mother and sister’s expectations for one month, they'll get off her case. Little does Rosie know that this temporary arrangement might lead her to a lasting love.
The Invisible Virgin-panel (C) CHIEKO HARA
  • Cowboys, Babies and Shotgun Vows
  • Written by Rogers Shirley
  • Art by Yoshiko Hanatsu
  • Published by Harlequin
  • 5
  • Ryder wakes up to find the girl he spent the previous night with is gone. He had helped her get to a motel after finding her drunk in a bar. She seduced him, and they spent a night of passion together...even though she was a virgin! Not only that, she is the daughter of a wealthy oil tycoon. It looked like it was never going to work, but when he thinks of her his heart skips a beat. He has to find her, and ask her why she dumped this confident playboy after just one night!
Cowboys, Babies and Shotgun Vows-panel (C) YOSHIKO HANATSU
  • Written by Michelle Celmer
  • Art by Nanami Akino
  • Published by Harlequin
  • 5
  • Fifteen years ago, Isabelle, a rich young woman, fell in love with Emilio, her housekeeper’s son. And, though they were from different worlds, they promised to elope. But just before they were to marry, Isabelle broke their promise and married another man. Today, their circumstances are reversed; Emilio has hired Isabelle to work as his housekeeper. Isabelle performs as poorly as you’d expect given her charmed upbringing, but Emilio is surprisingly kind to her. Her heart races with the possibility that the young man who once loved her is still somewhere inside Emilio, but Isabelle is all too unaware of his cruel secret plan—to seduce her, then break her heart!

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