Harlequin Comics Special feature Just for sex

  • Mistress Bought and Paid For
  • Written by Lynne Graham
  • Art by Junko Okada
  • Published by Harlequin
  • 4
  • Supermodel Lydia took part in a fashion show organized for a charity for disadvantaged children. But the money from the show disappeared, and it was Lydia's mother who stole the money! Lydia cannot accept that this is what happened, even after being investigated by the police...because she blames herself for her mother's unhappiness. It is the wealthy Christiano who lends Lydia a helping hand in her time of need. Although his intentions are to spend the night with her!
Mistress Bought and Paid For-panel (C) JUNKO OKADA
  • The Sheik and the Virgin Secretary
  • Written by Susan Mallery
  • Art by Kakuko Shinozaki
  • Published by Harlequin
  • 4
  • "Sir, would you make me your mistress?" Kiley, a plain and serious secretary, suddenly makes the bold request. Rafiq is taken aback but, sympathizing with her broken heart after being betrayed by her fiancé, decides to comply. However, with one fiendish condition. "If I take you as my mistress, you must satisfy me." Rafiq is the prince of the prosperous desert country of Lucia-Serrat and no stranger to romance. Is it even possible for her to satisfy his needs? At his mercy, Kiley finds herself undergoing an intensive course in the ways of pleasure—as she's guided to a new world of boundless joy and agony.
The Sheik and the Virgin Secretary-panel (C) KAKUKO SHINOZAKI
  • The Spanish Billionaire's Pregnant Wife
  • Written by Lynne Graham
  • Art by Tomoko Takakura
  • Published by Harlequin
  • 5
  • Molly is working at an upper-class party when one of the guests starts harassing her. In her position, all Molly can do is politely insist that she's merely a waitress—until Leandro, a Spanish banker and a duke, steps in to protect her. As brave as a hero and as hot as a fallen angel., Leandro invites her to his chambers that night, and she offers him her virginity. But the next morning, he makes her an unbelievable offer: he wants to make her a part of his life... as his mistress!
The Spanish Billionaire's Pregnant Wife-panel (C) TOMOKO TAKAKURA
  • Written by Cathy Williams
  • Art by Rika Kawashima
  • Published by Harlequin
  • 4
  • Jennifer has always loved James, the wealthy boy next door. When she was old enough, she confessed her feelings for James and invited him into her bed, but he declined, saying she was like a sister to him. Now, four years later, the once-plain Jennifer has become a startling beauty and is enjoying her life with popular artist Patrick. But deep inside, her heart still burns for James. So when Jennifer encounters James again, she isn’t able to resist him, and she insists she needs only one chance with him to make her forget about that humiliating night!
  • Written by Marie Ferrarella
  • Art by Masami Hoshino
  • Published by Harlequin
  • 4
  • Georges didn’t believe in finding someone he could trust and love for the rest of his life. But after he encounters some hit-and-run victims and manages to save their lives, he might have to reconsider his beliefs. One of the people he saved was Vienna, a sweet and intuitive girl. Something about her made Georges feel as though they had some sort of connection. Yet, as much as they liked each other’s company, Vienna kept her distance, for she knew all too well that love could eventually lead to heartache. Can these two guarded people find a way to let each other in?

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