Harlequin Comics Special feature Love grows during business trip

  • Wife by Arrangement
  • Written by Lucy Gordon
  • Art by Rin Ogata
  • Published by Harlequin
  • 4
  • Heather has been charmed by Lorenzo, a rich elite from Sicily. He's a gentleman, but weak and powerless in the face of his overwhelming brother Renato. Suspicious that Heather may simply be after their fortune, Renato investigates and subjects the woman to a bizarre test, even going as far as to tempt her with a large sum of money. She refuses, and so he rewards her by ordering her to marry his brother...
Wife by Arrangement-panel (C) RIN OGATA
  • Her Sheikh Boss
  • Written by Carol Grace
  • Art by Earithen
  • Published by Harlequin
  • 4
  • Claudia is a hardworking personal secretary, working 24/7 for her arrogant boss, Samir, the CEO of a shipping company. The only reason she is so devoted to her work is that she is in love with her boss, who, despite his arrogance, is very charming. One day, Samir gives an unexpected gift to Claudia, who has been working so hard that she forgot her own birthday. The gift is an order to join him on a business trip to his home country in the desert. Is it going to be a romantic getaway for just the two of them? Or will it all fall apart when she finds out that he is a sheikh who is already engaged?
Her Sheikh Boss-panel (C) EARITHEN
  • The Baby Proposal
  • Written by Rebecca Winters
  • Art by Kaoru Kasuga
  • Published by Harlequin
  • 5
  • "I might not be able to have children anymore…" Having decided to quit her job in order to pursue medical treatment, Andrea pays a visit to her boss’s office. To her surprise he invites her to join him on a business trip to Paris. Andrea accepts the offer, hoping to make this final assignment a memorable experience. But while in the City of Love, her boss surprises her yet again. This time with a sudden proposal!
The Baby Proposal-panel (C) KAORU KASUGA
  • Written by Penny Jordan
  • Art by Hiroko Kawasaki
  • Published by Harlequin
  • 3
  • Lee works for a high-end supermarket in England. She and her boss are on a business trip to France to buy wine. However, the man they are negotiating with, Gilles, is the man Lee loved six years ago, but who jilted her over a misunderstanding. That night, he introduces her as his fiancée, even though Lee is already engaged to Drew…
BLACKMAIL-panel (C) Hiroko Kawasaki
  • Written by Nicola Marsh
  • Art by Ryo Takumi
  • Published by Harlequin
  • 5
  • Bria Green may be an outstanding architect, but she’s struggled to build herself a safe haven from her overbearing father. When she runs into Sam Wali at a conference, she thinks she’s found the perfect vacation fling. But when she finds out that he's the prince of Adhara and that he wants her to take on a project in his home country, Bria might just find that the walls she's built to protect her heart have to come tumbling down

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