Highly Review Collection Vol.2


Karli and Jenna are half sisters, and their mom is rock legend Nicole Razor, who just passed away. In a rush to be by her bedside, they've ended up at a train station in Barinya Downs, a place with just one solitary house in the distance. While they wait for the next train, they find themselves guests of Riley Jackson, an unassuming cowboy who's exiled himself and is doing the jobs nobody else wants. Can the daughters of rock royalty harmonize with the country song in this cowpoke's heart?


Miranda’s been hired by Rafe Knighton to help him plan a Cinderella’s ball. If all goes well, he’ll meet the woman he’ll marry there. Miranda works closely with Rafe, and though she starts to fall for him, she quickly puts the idea out of her mind—she has no plans to get married anytime soon. All she wants was to save up enough money to renovate and live in her grandmother’s old home. When the ball fails to net him a bride, Rafe proposes another plan to Miranda—she’ll pose as his fiancée! Miranda’s reluctant, but Rafe is willing to pay for the rest of her grandmother’s home, so she agrees. Rafe will convince the world that he’s marriageable with his fake fiancée and Miranda will have her dream home—what more could either of them want?

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