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The Most Coveted Prize

Don't close your eyes.

Secret baby

A Secret Disgrace

I know you've given birth to my son.

Pure Romance


If you hate me so much,why are you kissing me like this?

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Penny Jordan Bundle

[Bundle] Sexual Purity Vol.1

This bundle contains :Sheikh's Betrayal ,DESERT PRINCE, BLACKMAILED BRIDE , and THE ONLY ONE.When she was a teenager, Desi fell in love with the son of the royal family from the desert country of Barakat. Even though she gave her virginity and swore her future to him, they were too young, and their love too turbulent, ending in the two of them resenting each other. Ten years later, a single phone call from a close friend reunites them once again. "Please seduce Salah. If you don't, then I'll be forced to marry him..." her close friend pleads, as she already as a lover of her own. Desi reluctantly decides to fly to Barakat. Waiting for her there is her former lover, who has since become a sheikh, no longer the young boy she once knew....

[Bundle] Unforgettable Passion Vol.1

This bundle contains :AT THE SHEIKH'S BIDDING ,THE SPANIARD'S VIRGIN HOUSEKEEPER , and LEVELLING THE SCORE.Erin had worked as a nanny, and when Faisal, her employer, became ill and asked her to marry him, she accepted and then adopted his son, Kazim. After Faisal's death, Zahir, Faisal's brother, suddenly arrives from the kingdom of Qubbah and says that he wants to take in his nephew. She refuses his offer at first, but a certain circumstance compels her to go to Qubbah with her child—without imagining how much humiliation she would face there. Neither would she ever dream of how glamorous and dangerous Zahir was...

[Bundle] Romantic Nostalgia Vol.1

This bundle contains :A SAVAGE ADORATION ,THE WADE DYNASTY , and THE LAZARIDIS MARRIAGE.Christy secretly harbors feelings for Dominic, who has looked out for her ever since she was a little girl. On Valentine’s Day when she was seventeen, she offered her virginity to him, but he reacted surprisingly coldly, and cruelly crushed her adolescent feelings. Christy ran away shortly afterward, leaving her hometown behind. It’s been eight years since then, and Christy must now return to take care of her mother. She has an unexpected reunion with Dominic, who is working as a doctor in town and who is more charming than ever! His handsome face and strong arms... He’s stolen her heart in an instant…again!

[Bundle] Harlequin Comics Best Selection Vol. 217

This is a bundle of the best Harlequin Comics!The vol. 217 is featuring theme: Fall in love with tyrant Vol.1.This bundle contains BRIDE AT BELLFIELD MILL, SOLD TO THE ENEMY and The Mediterranean Princes's Passion.Please check Harlequin Comics Best Selection 217for free preview!

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