Penny Jordan Collection


The Most Coveted Prize

Don't close your eyes.

Secret baby

A Secret Disgrace

I know you've given birth to my son.

Pure Romance


If you hate me so much,why are you kissing me like this?

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Penny Jordan Bundle

[Bundle] Harlequin Comics Best Selection Vol. 217

This is a bundle of the best Harlequin Comics!The vol. 217 is featuring theme: Fall in love with tyrant Vol.1.This bundle contains BRIDE AT BELLFIELD MILL, SOLD TO THE ENEMY and The Mediterranean Princes's Passion.Please check Harlequin Comics Best Selection 217for free preview!

[Bundle] Suddenly You Love Me Vol.1

This bundle contains :INJURED INNOCENT ,FILL-IN FIANCEE , and AT HER BOSS'S PLEASURE.Eight years ago fifteen-year-old Lissa made a stupid mistake in an attempt to rebel, just a bit, against her strict parents. The results were disastrous. It made her parents think she was a harlot when they saw her her lying in bed with a boy. And her brother-in-law, Joel, was with them! Since then, she’s done her best to avoid him, but now Joel and Lissa have been appointed shared guardianship of their nieces after the sudden death of the girls’ parents. Seeing Joel after so long, Grace trembles at the cold, scornful look in his golden eyes.  

[Bundle] Devilish romance Vol.1

This bundle contains :MARRIED FOR THE TYCOON'S EMPIRE ,THE SECRET BENEATH THE VEIL , and BEST MAN TO WED?.When English society princess Lia auctions off one kiss at a charity masquerade ball, the bidding goes up to fifty thousand dollars. After a brief moment of silence, a voice rings out with a new bid…of one million dollars! The bidder is Benjamin Carter, a construction industry tycoon, who is eager to buy out Lia’s family’s company. In exchange for his generous donation, he asks for not just a kiss but an entire weekend with Lia… Now it will be even harder for Lia to resist him.

[Bundle] Secret Romance Vol.1

This bundle contains :FALSE FAMILY ,THE CHRISTMAS BRIDE , and NEVER A BRIDE.Mallory is an actress who has a long way to go before she makes a name for herself in the world, and who has no family and relatives—she’s all alone. One day, she’s offered a rather strange acting job from a very wealthy man. The job is to act as his daughter in order to screen his relatives, who are after his money and fortune. He asks her to pretend to be a daughter he had with his past girlfriend. She gets surrounded by piercing stares of hatred when she shows up in a gorgeous dress and jewelry—especially from Tony, the business partner of her wealthy client, who presents himself as a dangerous man. He says, “Nobody here is welcoming you. You should leave this mansion as soon as possible,” but then gives her a passionate kiss!

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