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  • [With Bonus Episode !]The Five-Year Baby Secret
  • Written by Liz Fielding
  • Art by Hinoto Mori
  • Published by Harlequin
  • 0
  • [With Bonus Episode !] Including 4 special pages of additional story. Despite their families being in a long feud with each other, Fleur and Matt fall in love. They get married in secret, but on their first night together, they receive terrible news. Fleur's mother and Matt's father eloped, but they were in an accident and died. Matt suggests they both leave, but Fleur insists on staying with her family. Six years after they have separated, Fleur is on the verge of bankruptcy, and Matt, who she hasn't heard from or seen all that time, appears in front of her. He coldly tells her, "I've come back to take my son who you gave birth to."
[With Bonus Episode !]The Five-Year Baby Secret-panel (C) HINOTO MORI
  • [With Bonus Episode !]One Bride Too Many
  • Written by Jennifer Drew
  • Art by Towa Isesaki
  • Published by Harlequin
  • 5
  • [With Bonus Episode !] Including 4 special pages of additional story. I can't believe the man of my dreams is right in front of me! At a friend's wedding ceremony, Tess reunites with Cole, whom she secretly had feelings for in high school. To the plain and unremarkable Tess, he was as unreachable as the sun. "He's grown more attractive, and it makes my heart beat fast, but I know that I'm not his type. I have to get rid of these one-sided emotions, fast." But unaware of her true feelings for him, Cole makes a cruel request of Tess. "I'm searching for someone to marry. Can you introduce me to any women?"
[With Bonus Episode !]One Bride Too Many-panel (C) TOWA ISEZAKI
  • [With Bonus Episode !]Shotgun Bridegroom
  • Written by Day Leclaire
  • Art by Kazumi Tojo
  • Published by Harlequin
  • 0
  • [With Bonus Episode !] Including 4 special pages of additional story. The infamous Sam, descendant of pirates and the "town outlaw," is back on the island. Seven years earlier, he’d been seeing Annie, a well-to-do girl admired by all the townspeople. However, Annie’s father was against her relationship with Sam because of their different social status. So Annie and Sam agreed to elope, but on the night they were supposed to leave, she never showed up at their meeting place. Annie’s sure that Sam—now a successful financial genius—is back for revenge. Her reason for not eloping involves the secret of her birth, a secret she’s never told anyone...
[With Bonus Episode !]Shotgun Bridegroom-panel (C) KAZUMI TOJO

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