About Monthly course subscription

You may be able to read comics selected by Romance Comics per month with a reasonable fee by subscribing monthly course.
Half of the comics would be from the previous month while half would be updated monthly.

What is Monthly course subscription

* Please be noted that once you subscribe one of these courses, the subscription will continue automatically, likewise, the payment will be charged automatically if you do not cancel subscription. You are able to cancel at any time by proceeding on cancellation.

* Please be noted that if you resign Romance Comics membership, the service you had will also be cancelled.

* You will be charged for next month at the first day of next month no matter if you subscribe on which day of previous month.

* For subscription, only Paypal is acceptable. Please make sure your Paypal account allowing recurring payments. Please contact Paypal for further information.

*Time Zone: PDT or PST

Example) In the case you subscribe a monthly course on January 20th

You can start reading on the same day.

Example) In the case you subscribe a monthly course on January 20th

How to Cancel Monthly Courses

For cancellation of monthly courses, please proceed on the cancellation at Cancellation of Monthly Courses.

You are not able to read any books you purchased from the next month. Please be aware that the payment is fully charged in the beginning and it is not refundable even if you resign in the middle of the month.

* If you would like to cancel a monthly course subscription from June, please complete cancellation by the end of May. *PDT or PST

Example) Cancellation completed on May 20th

You can read the book you purchased until the end of May. *PDT or PST
If you do not complete cancellation by May 31th(*PDT or PST), the subscription will continue automatically.

Example) Cancellation completed on May 20th



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