About Romance Comics:

  • What is Romance Comics?
  • Romance Comics offers the service which you can enjoy digital comics and novels with PCs,smart phones or tablet PCs.
  • What service do you provide?
  • You can purchase and read a digital book.The term you can read depends on the price and data format.
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  • What company runs Romance Comics?
  • SB Creative Corp. runs Romance Comics.
  • How can I read a digital book?
  • You can read a digital book with the viewer called 'BinB'.
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How to register Romance Comics membership:

  • What can I do as a Romance Comics member?
  • Once you register Romance Comics member, you can buy digital books.Members can preview more pages of comics and novels.
    Registration and Membership fee are free so please feel free to join us.
  • How can I register?
  • You can register from the registration page. Registration is for free.Please note that you need an email address to register.
  • Do you charge me for registration?
  • Registration is for free.We only charge you for a digital book you will purchase.
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  • How secure is my personal information?
  • We handle your personal information according to our condition of use.
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  • I am worried about providing you my personal information.
  • Romance Comics use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) when you enter the personal information. It provides us communication security over the internet.
  • What are password?
  • You need to sign in to use our service at Romance Comics. For sign in password you registered are required.
    If you forgot your password, click the link here.
  • I haven’t received an email from Romance Comics.
  • If your address you have entered is wrong, you can’t receive an e-mail from us.And also when you have a spam e-mail filter or a distribution list on your PC, an e-mail from us may be classified as a spam mail and it may not be sent to inbox.
  • What is "My point"?
  • My Point system is our special service especially for Romance Comics members. It offers points when purchasing comics and novels. With minimum of 299 points, you are able to rent one Harlequin comics for Three-day rental.
    * Only comics of Three-day rental can be shopped with My Point.
  • What is "Actual point"?
  • The points you are able to use, except Virtual Point.
  • What is "Virtual Point"?
  • The point earned temporarily after purchasing. The point you earned this month will be activated on 15th of the next month.
  • Why did my point suddenly disappear?
  • My Point is valid for one year from the month becomes "Actual point".
    The point will be expired over one year.

About Romance Comics member service

  • Though I have registered Romance Comics membership, I can’ t read a whole book.
  • You need to sign in to read a whole digital book. Please follow the instructions below.
    • ・Click Create New Account button.
    • *Auto sign in system lasts for two weeks. After two weeks, you need to sign in again.
  • I forgot my password.
  • If you have forgotten your password, click the link here. Once you enter your e-mail address, we will send you a reset url through an e-mail.If you have forgotten your ID(your e-mail address), please contact us from the link here.
    • To confirm your identity, we need your personal information below,
    • ・your e-mail address you registered ( as specific as possible)
    • ・your e-mail address you are currently using
    • ・your name
    • ・your user name
    • ・your birthday
    • ・where you live
  • Can I save a digital book to my PC?
  • From the copyright protection point of view, we don’t provide the service which you can save a digital book to your PC, smart phone or tablet PC.
  • I am bothered to type my ID and password each time.
  • For PC, please turn Cookie on in your browser you’re using.(Auto sign in system lasts for two weeks.)
    For smart phone and tablet PC, please check the 「stay signed in box 」in the sign in page.
  • I would like to resign from Romance Comics membership.
  • For resignation from membership, click the link here. After resignation, you will not be able to purchase a digital book at Romance Comics. And you won’t be able to read books you have already purchased. Also please note that the books already purchased are not refundable.
  • I couldn’t read the book I purchased after resignation.
  • After resignation , you won’t be able to read comic books you have already purchased. Also please note that the books already purchased are not refundable.
  • My inquiry to Romance Comics has not been answered yet.
  • If your address you have entered is wrong, you can’t receive an e-mail from us. And also when you have a spam e-mail filter or a distribution list on your PC, an e-mail from us may be classified as a spam mail and it may not be sent to inbox.
  • Can I read a digital book with iPad/iPhone?
  • Yes, you can read a digital book with a smart phone (iPhone/Android )or a tablet PC(iPad/Android). The viewer 'BinB' enables you to read a digital book more easily. Please see to the operating environment before use.
  • What is monthly course subscription?
  • You are able to purchase comic sets in a reasonable price.
  • How do I pay for monthly course?
  • You can pay with Paypal and please note that if you do not cancel monthly course subscription by proceeding on cancellation, the subscription will be continued automatically.
  • Am I double charged by Romance Comics for monthly course subscription?
  • As the billing date may differ depending on different credit card companies and banks, you may find two payments on your bill when the subscription continues automatically. Please do understand that it is not double charge.
    • 1. I was charged twice of monthly course fee.
      It happens on the first continuation of monthly course. The payments are for the first subscription and continuation of monthly course.
    • 2. I was charged both at the end of the month and in the beginning of the next month.
      It happens on the first continuation of monthly course. The payment billing at the end of the month is for the first subscription and the other payment billing in the beginning of the next month is for continuation.
  • What if I cancel monthly course subscription?
  • Please note that monthly course payment is charged in the beginning of the month, therefore if you cancel monthly course subscription in the middle of the month, you will still be charged for the month. If you cancel subscription by the end of the month, you are unable to read in the next month.
    Please see more details on About Monthly course subscription

About payment in Romance Comics

  • How can I pay in Romance Comics?
  • We accept the following payment methods at Romance Comics:
    Credit card(Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB)
    Note: Credit cards cannot be accepted for the payment of subscription. When you buy our digital content(excepting subscription) via credit card, you need to enter a valid credit card number for each purchasing.
    Note: Credit Cards users can also use Apple Pay or Google Pay in their iOS device or Android device.

About a digital book viewer BinB

  • What is BinB?
  • 'BinB' is a digital book viewer system for smart phones and tablet PCs invented by Voyager Japan,Inc. Without downloading any applications or plug ins, you can start reading a digital book. To find out about more information about the operation environment, Click the link here.
  • Do I have to install BinB? Is the viewer for free?
  • 'BinB' starts automatically once you open the web browser. You don’t need to download it and it’s free to use.

How to use BinB

  • Can I read a digital book when it’s offline?
  • To read a digital book with BinB, basically it should be online.
    For a novel, you can read some part of the page shown on the screen while offline. Though images can’t be shown and an error message appears. You can’t read comic books or page-oriented file titles when it’s offline
  • A book doesn’t show up staying downloading(screen turns gray), or an error message saying the downloading was failed shows up.
  • Refresh the current Web page. Also there are some ways to solve the problem below.
    To use more stable internet services
    • A. ex) 3G mobile phone -> Wifi
      Delete other apps to get some memories. For iOS/Android devices, remove apps backgrounds.
    • B. *Especially early Android devices don’t work stably while opening apps at the same time.
      Turn Privacy mode off in web browsers.
    • C. Cf.: I can’t read a digital book under privacy mode in web browsers.
      Clear your browser’s cache.
      *Please note that when you clear the cache, sometimes articles you’ve previously viewed or images previously displayed may be affected.
    • D. Restart a device.

About Cache

The cache is a temporary file which a web browser stores.
The cache allows quicker access to the previous page though, sometimes a part of cache may result in that a recent change are ignored. In this case, clearing the cache can solve the problem.

The instructions for clearing the cache are different according to which browser you are using.
For more information, please refer to the instructions provided from each browser.

  • ・Safari(iPhone, iPad Touch/iPad) : "iOS: Safari web setting"
    *Just in case clear the cache after delete Safari from the multitasking bar.
  • ・Android:Each device is different, though basically there is a Delete cache menu in the setting menu.

  • I can’t read a digital book under privacy mode in web browsers.
  • Sometimes, a book can’t be shown when it’s in privacy mode in web browser. Please turn the mode off.
    ex) For Firefox: Private Browsing, Safari: Private Browse, iPhone/iPad Tough/iPad: Private Browse
  • A digital book doesn’t show up and an error message saying "Image Load Error" appears.
  • Because of offline, the images are displayed unsuccessfully. Try again in the stable internet environment.
    ※Images include not only the comic page but also book cover, pictures and so on.
  • I can’t find back button in toolbar.
  • Sometimes the back button in the toolbar doesn’t show up when you always clear the cache or access from bookmarks.
    In this case, go back to the previous page by clicking the right mouse button.
  • I can’t read a digital book I purchased.(Android devices)
  • *BinB unsupported devices are below.
    REGZA Tablet, Mac Retina Display ( only when the browser is Safari)
    For other devices, Try "To Reload a page" → "Clear the cache" → "Clear all cookie data".
  • Android OS 2.x devices (Smart phones)

    • How to reload a page
    • 1.Open the Browser application.
    • 2.Select the menu key.
    • 3.Select the reload key or update.
    • How to clear the cache
    • 1.Open the Browser application.
    • 2.Select the menu key.
    • 3.Select the others key.
    • 4.Select the settings.
    • 5.Select Clear cache.(It’s in the middle of the page.)
    • 6.Select OK.
    • How to Clear Browser Cookies:
    • *Once you clear browser cookies, your ID or password may be all cleared as well. So before clearing the cookies, please make sure to keep your information.
    • 1.Open the Browser application.
    • 2.Select the Menu.
    • 3.Select Settings.
    • 4.Select Privacy and Security.
    • 5.Select Clear all cookie data.
    • 6.Select OK.

For Android device users

*The instructions above are standard for general android devices. Though according to devices, menu displays or computer icons are different , if these instructions don’t work, please device makers directly.

When you follow the instructions above, please note that in Android OS, the version 2(mainly smart phones) and the version 3 (mainly tablet PC) have different displays and handling.

  • The display is not clear.
  • Try 「Reload the page」in the web browser. Sometimes when the PC is overloaded or internet access is not stable, the display is not clear.
    For more information, please ask the apps seller directly.
  • Can I read the same title I purchased in iPhone/iPad application with BinB?
  • The titles sold in apps are different from the ones in B in B. Please ask the apps seller for more information.


  • How can I clear the browser cache?
    • 1, After starting the browser (Internet Explore), from the [Tools]menu in the upper right, select [Internet options].
    • 2, Select Delete Browsing History.
    • 3, Under the [Temporary Internet Files]heading, select[Delete files]
      *The file is deleted.
    • 4, Click close button and after clicking [OK] ,close the [Internet Options]
    • 5, Close the browser.
  • Where can I find Harlequin novels I purchased?
  • For those who purchased Harlequin novels, you can read them on My bookshelf in My Account after login.


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