How to use BinB viewer

You can open the book by tapping the "Free Preview" button or "Read" button use the arrow sign appears on the screen to turn page.
When you are log in,you can use bookmark to remember where you have read.The book will start from the page you marked next time you open it.

viewer image

Turn page

PC:Click on the side of the screen.

Smartphone and Tabelt PC:Flick the screen.

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Zoom in and zoom out

Double tap to zoom in. Double tap again to zoom out.
Note:When the page is zoomed in, the Menu and other links are disabled.

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Toolbar functions

Use toolbar to close the book.
You can tap the purple area as shown below to show toolbar.

viewer image

Tap other areas to close toolbar.


Tap the icons on the toolbar to use their functions.

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Back Button

viewer image

Press this button to go back to the front page of the book.
This button works same as a back button on the browser. When you open a book with a new window or bookmark, back button doesn’t show up.

Book information Button

To pop up book information, click this button. To close the book information, click[×]button at upper left.

Book information

In this page, you can find below information about the book.

  1. Book cover (Skipped in portrait view on mobile devices)
  2. Book title
  3. Artist name
  4. Synopsis
  5. Book store

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Page Slider

viewer image

You can move pages by dragging [○].

Chapter Heading Field

viewer image

You can find which chapter you are reading at the moment.
*You don’t need this function at Romance Comics.

How to Adjust Font Size

The font size can be adjusted at 5 levels in Font Size setting.

Font size adjustment

The font size in part of books may be smaller than in others. Please follow the instructions below for font size adjustment.

When the book opened - After adjustment



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