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You can submit a review of comics and books from each title page. You need to be a Romance Comics member before posting a review.

We are very happy to have your frank opinions though please note that we may remove reviews that we think are inappropriate without any notice.

We reserve the right to remove reviews that include any of the following:

  • Reviews of the title you haven’t read yet
  • Unrelated comments to the contents, inconsistent comments with original contents
  • Character assassination to artists and original authors, spiteful remarks
  • More than one review on the same title by one person
  • Comments against public order and standards of decency, unpleasant and repulsive comments
  • Character assassination to a specific person(including nickname), malicious expressions
  • Discriminatory expressions, prejudiced comments
  • Comments on Romance Comics services or functions
  • URLs external to Romance Comics or comments leading external URLs
  • Personal information such as telephone number, address, URL, email address.

How to post a review

[Rate the book you've read]

Click a star button out of five you would like to rate. The star buttons are on each title page below the title synopsis. We sum up other customers evaluations and update the results every day. Please note that your rating doesn’t reflect automatically.

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[Submit your review]

First of all,you need to log in Romance Comics to submit a review.Visit the review page by clicking Post your own review button.

You need to fill in the following information,

  • Rating
  • Nickname(You can change whatever you like)
  • Title
  • Review
  • Spoiler included or not

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[Edit and delete]

You can edit and delete any review you have submitted to Romance Comics. To see all your reviews, visit My Page and click 「Review History」. Clicking Confirm button will take you to the page where you can edit or delete reviews.

You can also delete your review by clicking 「Delete」 button without visiting a review link.

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