What is Monthly course subscription

What is monthly course subscription?

You are able to read 21/42/81/162/20/15  Harlequin comics per month with a reasonable fee.
You can have unlimited access to 21/42/81/162/20/15 Harlequin comics every month with a fixed fee.

See Monthly course for available titles.

Special Point!

Get points when you subscribe to our Monthly Courses!
Plus Special Deal! If you continue subscribing to a monthly course for four months consecutively, you can get extra points according to each course in every four months.
Points will be entitled on 15th of the 4th month.

  • Monthly course($4.99) : 199pt
  • Monthly course($9.99) : 399pt
  • Monthly course($19.99) : 799pt
  • Monthly course($39.99) : 1599pt
  • Premium Monthly course($39.99) : 1599pt
  • Romance Theme Course($9.99) : 399pt

What can you read in monthly course?

* This is not applicable for monthly course with all titles updated every month.

Romance Comics selects 21/42/81/162/20/15 comics for you each month. You can find the list in monthly course page. *Updated time zone:PST or PDT


7 of 21 comics are able to be read in the month, 7 comics will last to be available until the next month, and the other 7 titles would be updated monthly. Readers would be able to read the available titles in the monthly course they subscribed.
In short, you can have unlimited access to 21 comics every month. *Time zone: PDT or PST

In the case you subscribe monthly course ($4.99) in April.

7 titles would be available in April, 7 titles would be available until the end of May, 7 titles would be available until the end of June.

14 titles would be available for 3 months while another 7 would be updated monthly.

How should I know what will be updated next month?

Check "Coming on next month" on the right of month course page.

* Titles available for the following month would be announced at the end of the current month.

When can I start to read after subscription?

You can have unlimited access to 21/42/81/162/20/15 comics immediately.
If you continue subscription, you can have unlimited access to all titles for max 2 months.




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